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Design is our passion, our belief. With you as our co-creator, we aim only for the very best result – an end product worthy of your name.

Quote of the month October

"One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it." Master Oogway

To cut a long
story short

Rank and File, founded by Benjamin von Berckefeldt and Christoph Boy, is a design agency that produces lasting results for their clients. Our approach is conceptual, yet upfront creative. That’s why our partners enjoy doing business with us and why they keep coming back. You have a project in mind? Let’s talk about it.

Head first
into the new

Rank and File merges design, information and technology into a vibrant new communication concept. We work in close cooperation with our partners, because brainstorming is what we’re really good at. To spark our creative engines, we start every project with a detailed analysis and a fresh approach – in concept, strategy and design.

The partner
is you

Together with you as our partner, we look forward to shaping a unique identity, an exciting brand concept or an eye-catching web design. To create results worth publishing, we’ve been re-thinking our way of communicating with you – and want you to be a part of the process from the very beginning.

Benjamin von Berckefeldt

Founding Partner | Strategy

"Early-rising, harmony-seeking bicycle lover with a never-empty chocolate supply and no intent to work on things he is not 100 % convinced of."
- Patrick

"Thrilled by an idea, he stands by his decisions and sees the big picture. I actually don’t know anyone who can grasp thoughts so strategically and quickly. When he’s not in the office, Benjamin either jumps ropes or polishes his Instagram account."
- Chris

Christoph Boy

Founding Partner | Design

"The technology man. From website programming to current online trends – Chris keeps us up to date on the latest developments. And if you ever get the chance to follow one of his recommendations for restaurants or venues in and around Hamburg, I’ll tell you: It will pay off. "
- Patrick

"Our Hamburg expert always has a tip for the latest bar opening or upcoming events. Chris is curious like no other and his secret online home must be TED. Good for us: When it comes to technological developments, he’s always up to date. Whether wakeboard or snowboard – as long as it is attached to his feet, he will ride it.”
- Benjamin

Patrick Dexheimer

Partner | Management

"Our Mr. Oldschool. No one is as reliable as Patrick. If he promises something, he sticks to it – no matter what. However, he also expects the same the other way around."
- Benjamin

"A man of his word – nothing’s more important to Patrick. He is a master in detecting causal connections and a passionate Star Wars devotee. His rationality can be pretty annoying, but is often useful to keep us focused."
- Chris